This week, August 4 to 6 is our GOSPEL MEETING here in Convoy Avenue. I am reminding the Brethren at Convoy Avenue that we needed your cooperation. Your participation by coming and attending all meetings and inviting friends and family member means a whole lot to the work of the Lord. This will be a “one time” in a year activity and a one hour gathering every meeting. The church did not have activities like this in the past and this time we are given the time to have opportunity like this.

How can you cooperate? You can show your love for the Lord by coming yourself and bring your entire family and good friends with you! Just ask them to attend our Gospel Meeting. This is just a ONE TIME invitation for three days coming from you to the ones you are inviting. ONLY ONE HOUR which is not a whole lot to lose but be fed with the Word of God. Do not be ashamed for inviting your friends to come. Do not hesitate to invite more because this is the opportunity we can SHARE THE GOOD NEWS to the lost. We are following God’s command in Matthew 28:19-20. This command is not only for preachers and evangelists but for ALL CHRISTIANS. This is an opportunity to exercise our fervent dedication to our God.

Brethren, your concern for your soul and the souls of the lost will mean a lot to all of us and to the future of the church here in Halifax. You have no excuse why you can’t come and invite friends when you can even invite them in your house for a small gathering. You can spend for a small party and yet you can’t do that to promote the gospel? This is a good challenge. This time is our time to show we care for the lost. Please Support and Cooperate with the call to attend and bring someone.


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