Church Bulletin

The Convoy Avenue Church bulletin is used to keep the membership and visitors informed of what’s going on in the Church including, upcoming events,the order of the Worship and those in need of prayer.If you have recently attended one of our Sunday morning Worship services, and were unable to obtain a copy, you can retrieve one by clicking on the appropriate link below.

25th June,2017

18th June,2017

11th June,2017

04th June,2017

28th May, 2017

21st May, 2017

14th May, 2017

07th May,2017

30th April,2017

23rd April,2017

09th April,2017

02nd April,2017

26th March,2017

19th March,2017

12th March,2017

05th March,2017

26th February,2017

19th February,2017

12th February,2017

05th February,2017

29th January,2017

22nd January,2017

15th January,2017

01st January,2017

25th December,2016

18th December,2016

11th December,2016

04th December,2016

27th November,2016

20th November,2016

13th November,2016

06th November,2016

30th October,2016

23rd October,2016

16th October,2016

09th October,2016

02nd October,2016

25th September,2016

18th September,2016

11th September,2016

04th September,2016

28th August,2016

21st August,2016

14th August,2016

07th August,2016